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Every day is exciting in the studio.  Even when it is quiet.  Mary works in her studio daily making, glazing, drawing, putting on decals and occasionally attacking the paperwork and filing.  Jeff hops in and out of carpentry while happily creating the many shapes and pieces of pottery designed over the years.   

In addition to their own work, Jeff and Mary have welcomed three emerging ceramic artists to work in their studio


Jeff has been working with Mary K in the studio for over 25 years now.   A carpenter by trade Jeff jumped onboard as the demand for Mary's work increased.  His experience with building and fixing things were a perfect match for the growing studio.

Denae Ferguson

Their daughter has a BA in Art from UMA.  She currently manages a community studio in Waterville Maine 3 days a week and works with her parents helping them as well as developing her own line of work.  Denae lives with her husband Dan nearby and have 2 cats and an Iguana.  

Whitney Gill

A dear friend, is manager of The Center for Maine Crafts in West Gardiner, Maine.  Whitney is working on creating a line of her own incorporating her talent for drawing and her love of lines. 

Kate Harris

The newest addition working in the studio.  Mary and Jeff met Kate through farming.   Kate is also a painter who has worked on several of the Winthrop Community Murals.  Kate's spin in the studio marry her love for plants and pottery by creating line of tiny potted plants.    




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